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Loyal First Books: Loud Writing For A Sleepy World


A new site for a new imprint the life's work of American futurist writer and author Mark Antony Rossi.




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New Ebook Release: Strength To Be Human


This short but powerful declaration of human independence follows the philosophy and writings of Mark Antony Rossi. Imagine the freedom of simply being yourself. No pandering to dangerous science that reaches for artificial intelligence and robotics solely because it feels humanity is inadequa…

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Fiction Pieces Forthcoming

I am always pleased to report more previously unpublished fiction pieces by Mark are forthcoming in the following publications:

Mad Swirl  (actually this work is on their site right on...)

Tracer  ( ditto here too)


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Fun With Final Poems

We'd like to extend our thanks for Janice Lee ( Executive Editor, Entropy)  for her wonderful continuing series:

Final Poem

She was gracious enough to include Rossi's poem "For Late Admirers"

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Writers Beware: Do Not Ever Pay A Fee!!!

We stand we those sites ( who continue to publish and warn other writers of magazines like Red Savina Review and a growing list who have the gall of charging a submission fee. Don't fall for the excuses. Here's a pathetic few of them:

We have to pay Submittable.

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Writings Forthcoming

Mark' most recent writings are forthcoming in the following fine publications:

Transnational  (English and German versions)    --Creative NonFiction

Peaches Literary Magazine                                  --Fiction

Coe Review                          …

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Anak Sastra

Anak Sastra, a wonderful publication focusing on Asian themes, concepts and locations has published Mark Antony Rossi's poem

Aerial Reconnaissance of Melancholia

it will be included in their 18th edition scheduled for the end of Jan 15.





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Photography: Unlucky Horseshoe

On rare ocassions Mr. Rossi shares his photographic eye with the artistic world.

Sentiments Literary Arts Journal #2

is using for its cover art his photo "Unlucky Horseshoe"

Unlucky Horseshoe was a photo he t…

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The Albright Interview: Poet, Mark Antony Rossi (Session I)

The Albright Interview:  Poet, Mark Antony Rossi (Session I)

1. Do you have a poetic philosophy?

1. Less structure more focus on sentiment, substance, I daresay, even subtext. All this worry about cadence and rhyme schemes strikes me as mathematics rather than literature.

2. In the age of TV, DV…

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You Must Never Give Up

Bloodless Betty

A flash flction piece focusing on the absurdity of Common Core and the robotic political whores it creates.


"This piece is also a literary testament to Rossi's determination to get it published despite objections from so-called progressive editors whom want "tough material" wit…

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Basic Rossi Archives

Appreciate the requests. Often the Internet is the fastest method to get a person to experience the writings of an American Modern thinker.

Essays (Writing)

Genesis of a Poetic Conscience (1984-2000)



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September: Poet of the Month

Bareback Literary Journal has selected 5 poems from Mark Antony Rossi to showcase in its September issue which also rewards him with Poet of the Month. Check it out and lend your voice.



Recent Play Produced: Eye of a Needle

Eye of a Needle by Mark Antony Rossi

Produced, 28 Feb 14, Grin Theatre, Liverpool, England

It's enough to have to write a play and fight to the ends of the earth to get it produced. It's quite another for someone to review your play and publish their findings for the world to read. The key word b…

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A Writer's Life: Maintaining A Routine

Our lives have become more complex and often crowded with enormous distractions such as smart phones and dumb car drivers.

If we are to continue in our chose vocation of writing it is necessary to establish a certain routine to stamp our creative presence for the day.

Every writer has a different …

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Early Work Can Inspire Future Happenings

What is Rejection?

What is rejection?

I speak as one whom has an enormous amount of experience with rejection. I have found it is simply the arrival of your vision smashed against the pre-conceived vision of said editor.  In many ways literary rejection no different than a classic job interview. They have a picture o…

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The Future of Short Fiction

It's been said for the past 20 years that flash fiction, short fiction 1000 words or less, is basically the platform for future short fiction. While it has been included in many more publications today versus the recent past there still a certain stigma many editors will not admit to publicly. A cer…

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In Blog We Trust

I'm a writer not a web designer so this simple blog will have to suffice to communicate to readers and other writers interested in my works and ideas.  At the present time I am writing a science humor column called Atom & Eve which is published at The Magill Review an up and coming online publicatio…

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