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Staff Writer at Sea of Tranquility

We wish to congratulate Mark in becoming a staff writer at rock record review site: Sea of Tranquility.

Check out his amazing feature examining the technological futurism of the lyrics of the progressive rock group Queensryche.…

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The Wayward Sword: Seeking Challenging Submissions

Join, Mark Antony Rossi, new Associate Editor of The Wayward Sword a powerful and poetic publication seeking out new literature from the brave and the boldest writers.

...poetry should be subversive turning
your heart and mind against one another,
making them rivals and best friends
because of it

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New Monthly Column: Internal Quiet

Editorial: World Peace Through Intimacy

Visit: Futurist Portal -- Ethical Stranger

This fan created site contains links to American futurist writer Mark Antony Rossi's ebook titles as well as his latest articles and radio interview.

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Caravan To Midnight Interview w/ John Wells

Two New Membership Additions

Super congrats to Mark for the following memberships:


He is now a recognized member of the Poet and Writers Academy:


He is now an official member of the internationally renown futurist organization  The Foresight Network:


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Ethical Stranger: The Column


Deep appreciation for the emails and continued support of a unique column that exposes the ethical issues surrounding technology.

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Alien Ambition and the Human Condition



AT THE CLOSE of WWII the first reporting of unidentified flying objects reached public audiences. Three years later a more sensational story stole newspaper headlines when the Air Force reported it recovered a crashed flyer saucer. Called “the Roswell incident” by …

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Ethical Stranger: A New Technology Ethics Column

Ethical Stranger: A new technology column focusing on ethics and consequences in this day where playing God is not only possible, it is punishable.

Brought to you by: Indian Periodical








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New Play Produced: Vital Spark === Bernie Wohl Center, New York, NY

Loyal First Books: Loud Writing For a Sleepy World

Check out the numerous titles from Mark Antony Rossi's catalog most are under $2 for a Kindle ebook.



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Loyal First Books Re-releases Strength To Be Human in Six Languages


Loyal Frist Books has re-released its main science feature "Strength To Be Human" in six languages.

In a creative and publishing first, the main essay "Strength to be Human In This Day of Machines" is now available in the book in six languages:







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Stand Your Ground: Riffs on Writing



With a little help from his friends, Rossi has finally compiled all his writings about writing from over the years (and globe) and put them together in one nice ebook.


"What writers need in any day and age is a swift kick in the butt to remind them not to moan and groan about th…

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Celebrate The Rossi Wikipedia Page

It is with our deepest appreciation and humble admiration that Mr. Mark Antony Rossi whom many of us have assisted over the years with internships, press releases, radio interview appointments, book reviews, etc. can equally share in the excitement and energy regarding this important modern day mile…

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Loyal First Books Gets Royal Facebook Treatment

New Author's Link At Amazon Makes Easy To Follow Rossi's Book Titles

Politically Incorrect Verse For Less Sensitive Souls

In a day where crying over words is more typical than holding people accountable over their actions--- this book was written to remind us of how rights have responsibilities and all of us matter.…

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Sci-Fi Novella Like No Other


Thrilling sci-fi novella involving American and Russian secret agents forced to travel back in time to stop an evil alien invasion of Earth starting on a hidden moon base.…

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Crypto: ParaAbnormal Essays and Etchings

What we need in the marketplace of ideas is a paranormal book that speaks in layman terms about interesting topics without falling off the deep end of possibility. "Crytpo" is that title full of adventure and joyous concern about matters often left in the shadows.   Sy Albright, Bioethics Review

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