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Staff Writer at Sea of Tranquility

We wish to congratulate Mark in becoming a staff writer at rock record review site: Sea of Tranquility.

Check out his amazing feature examining the technological futurism of the lyrics of the progressive rock group Queensryche.




The Wayward Sword: Seeking Challenging Submissions

Join, Mark Antony Rossi, new Associate Editor of The Wayward Sword a powerful and poetic publication seeking out new literature from the brave and the boldest writers.

...poetry should be subversive turning
your heart and mind against one another,
making them rivals and best friends
because of it. poetry should challenge
the reader without alienating them.
stimulate them without stringing them out.
it should be concise without being spare.
poetry should be a lover
you can never get enough of
Pieces between 4 and 100 lines (if you throw 100 lines down, it better be damned compelling)
Form Poetry, Free Verse, Free meter, Song Lyrics, whatever you would call Challenging, we want it!

Consider combining images and words in a single submission.

Subject line:
    "The Wayward Sword: Challenging Submissions - (Preferred Creator Name)"

Email Body:
    Up to 5 pieces

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Caravan To Midnight Interview w/ John Wells

Two New Membership Additions

Super congrats to Mark for the following memberships:


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He is now an official member of the internationally renown futurist organization  The Foresight Network:

Ethical Stranger: The Column


Deep appreciation for the emails and continued support of a unique column that exposes the ethical issues surrounding technology.

Alien Ambition and the Human Condition



AT THE CLOSE of WWII the first reporting of unidentified flying objects reached public audiences. Three years later a more sensational story stole newspaper headlines when the Air Force reported it recovered a crashed flyer saucer. Called “the Roswell incident” by believers, this story no doubt was the first in a long line of conspiracy theories to grip paranoid sky watchers.

What is the average citizen to make of all this talk of flyer discs, mutilated farm stock, and human abductions? Are these the rantings of victims of self-esteem desperate to feel special in an impersonal world? Are UFO’s the psychological manifestations of people refusing to believe in traditional religion? Or should we give some credence to mathematical possibilities of life existing beyond this small galaxy?

The latter answer seems to strike a chord in a majority of people surveyed who do believe humans are not alone in the universe. Let’s, for the sake of argument, say there are beings from another world visiting us on a daily basis. What would be the impact on our civilization? I’m not referring to death beams destroying skyscrapers. What impact would such knowledge cause regarding our major religious belief systems? What if these aliens were a race of atheists? What impact would their existence cause regarding the most feasible political system: democracy? What if these aliens lived in a society that resembled a better-evolved socialism?

Is it truly possible that Humanity whom at its core is drenched with the perspiration of paranoia of the Unknown, the Stranger, and the Outsider— can respond in trustworthy fashion to the presence of space aliens with superior technology? If we are honest with ourselves and our past historical record of deception and destruction—we would not. Alien superior technology is translated into superior weaponry. The human social (anti-social) animal requires an enemy to justify its brilliant belief system, which coincidentally, is always superior to that of its neighbors. You might have guessed, humanity is most likely to transfer its prejudiced viewpoint onto whatever new life form drifted towards our small planet. Their annihilation could cause us to feel better about ourselves—for a short while. Anyway.

What if aliens were to share advanced medical science and cure all or most major diseases? How would that effect Earth’s dwindling resources? Societies confront a dilemma, forcing them to search for better fuel resources, methods to stop war, faster food production, etc. The enormous debt to alien passive intervention might begin to erode human self-efficiency and determination. I pose many fantastic questions merely in the belief that aliens would be benign beings. What if they were not? My gut instinct informs me chances are if aliens do exist on the Roswell timetable they’ve had opportunity to study Earth for fifty years. That’s about forty-nine years longer than it should take to conclude we are a hostile race. This assumption is based on the kind of advanced technology aliens invented to travel huge distances. They would have reasoned the technology/military angle and understand that our paranoia could not guarantee their safety. Their face-to-face contact could easily change Earth in ways I cannot truly imagine. Suffice it to say the changes are fatal. Fatal, because we are still a warlike species, and if aliens are peaceful they shall die by our hands. If they are hostile they shall die by our hands. The Stranger in our history is a deadly threat.

If their technology doesn’t frighten us first, their skin color will. Deep (and not so deep) in the recesses of the human mind—white, brown, black and yellow people are deemed inferior by members of another culture. Imagine when green or gray aliens prove to be superior. Best they stay in their shiny UFO’s. Humanity’s feeble weapons might not destroy them but our hatred of anything “alien” will. The oft-repeated nightmare of human extinction through biological or nuclear warfare is definitely in doubt. A review of the 20th century, a costly and innovative time period, shows an astounding restraint regarding planetary-wide destruction. Stalin’s famines, WWII, Hiroshima, and the Holocaust are indeed mind-boggling man-made tragedies forever imprinted on the collective soul. Yet they would pale in comparison to the total death of planet Earth.

Tomorrow’s super-technologies are destined to enslave humanity; not erase it. The terrible curse we carry encoded in our character is bound to murder the human spirit; not the human body. What we eventually bring to the cosmos in our spaceships shall be deemed alien by life forms fully capable of judging us. Our final reckoning is beyond Earth. In a place, by a race of beings, populated by inner faces similar to prophets, saints, holy men, and geniuses we have ignored, tortured and killed. What about little green men? They are us, little and green with envy and ungrateful of what Nature has bestowed: the best machine, a human brain, and the best home, planet Earth. My bet is humans; not space aliens, will deliver extinction to life in our galaxy.

Ethical Stranger: A New Technology Ethics Column

Ethical Stranger: A new technology column focusing on ethics and consequences in this day where playing God is not only possible, it is punishable.

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